Saturday, 27 December 2014

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A video that caught my attention

Title of Video:900 mousetraps unleashed with Science Bob on Jimmy Kimmel Live

This video clip shows the chain reaction of when a ping pong ball (when thrown properly) can set off a mousetrap and eventually almost all of the mousetraps.

  • The first pingpong ball (that was thrown properly) can have a large chain reaction, causing the mousetraps to activate. Same goes to the concept of fod chain food web. A drop or increase in any of the tiers in the food chain can affect the animals throughout the chain. Some may go extinct.
  • There is gravity, because once the pingpong balls (and sometimes cheese) are ejected into the air, they will fall back down and trigger other mousetraps.
  • Elastic potential energy is present in set mousetraps. they can eject a light object further away.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

About Me (I)

 My name is Nicole Chua Jia Ying, and I would like to be addressed as Nicole. I like to read books, watch television, play Ipad games occasionally, my favourite pastime is going out with friends and family.
About my personality. I am a sensitive person and will get ticked off easily, but I find it hard to hold a grudge for a long time if it is a friend. I have my own views of things and usually like working in a group. I do enjoy sharing ideas with people. I prefer not to rush into things and think of a way out.